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Job Description:

As a Data Professional you’ll be part of a team of technical data professionals who are responsible for the creation, development, maintenance and running of fibre network delivery’s (FND) data sets. This role is important as data is the lifeblood of any business. Without accurate data FND would not be able to generate the analytics and insight needed to operate effectively.

You’ll have an expert understanding of data, and in particular FND’s data, data sources, and systems. You will work on projects across a number of products and programmes, where you will be responsible for data building and maintenance activities across all of FND’s products all of FND’s programmes. You will have the understanding and capability to collect data from stores (such as the 300+ operational systems used in FND, databases, SharePoint, etc), and understand how to share data with the business (storage, scheduling, self-serve etc). Your will untangle the complex data which currently exists, and turn this into structured data which will be used by various teams across BI and wider FND to drive operational insight.

Your role will involve stepping into new and emerging technologies in Google Cloud, exploring and unlocking new opportunity and capability through migration away from traditional RDBMS platforms.

You will involve understanding FND’s data sets and what exists, creating new data sources where they don’t exist, problem solving and fixing data that is wrong, and making FND data accessible to teams so that they can deliver data led insight.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Independently take responsibility for the creation, management, and development of the data sets that are used to make decisions and influence FND’s 10,000 desk and field staff, 7,000 contactors and key stakeholders across Openreach.
  • Be an expert on supplying data to, and collecting data from, stores such as systems and databases.
  • Ensure that you build and maintain data in line with FND’s data strategy and standards, complying with FND governance.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders to understand the tools and data available, tying data back to operational decision making and context as required.
  • Help deliver our Data Strategy by building the tools which enable data governance in FND.
  • Monitor data builds to ensure they are in line with common data architecture and standards, and so that the quality of our data improves.
  • Monitor data builds, ensuring that our automated scripts run, and checking data is accurate.
  • Responsible for investigating problems, and either fixing them, or working with the responsible party to address any issues and restore the integrity of our FND.

Job Requirements:

  • Proven track record working in a data environment
  • Familiarity with Datalab (a dataworld covering Openreach’s business), Orbit and other key datasets.
  • Project management skills desirable
  • Evidenced competence in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL or SparkSQL
  • Background in Cloud databases such as GCP desirable.
  • Automation and scheduling skills

Job Details:

Company: Openreach

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Leeds, GB

Application Deadline: N/A


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